So I’m trying to get in the habit of speed painting on a regular basis, I asked my friend to name a random FFX character and he said Auron so I went with that. It was a tough to start cause I had no idea what I wanted to do with him, got something going after a bit (had to reset my timer a few times cause of that too). So after I finished I accidentally changed one of my layers properties and got something pretty cool out of it and went with it. This was a bit tough to do cause I tried to make Auron look like he was in his mid thirties but I dunno if I pulled that off well, still looks kinda young…  So about little over and hour of work on this. 

Sooo I was working on this before I actually got Lightning Returns so I didn’t quite have all the details, when I did I had to readjust some of it to kinda match at least. I just threw in a random background at the time cause I didn’t have any knowledge on what to expect from the game and just kinda did something really. It took awhile to finish cause other priorities and a slight factor of being demotivated prevented it from being completed, and I think some of the details are still off. I ended up rushing it in the end but if I do something with Lighting again, I probably can do a better job. Oh this her L’ange Noir costume, this one of my personal favorite designs for this game. 

In my first play through Lucina and Cynthia where siblings when I saw the support involving the two panicking about a bug. Not much to really say but it was amusing to draw Cynthia panicking over a bug, kinda reminds me of when I had to kill bugs for my family…

this is part of the 100 Fire Emblem challenge I’ve been doing slowly.

I went with Lucina wearing a yukata in one of the DLC chapters in FEA, I haven’t actually played it yet but I do plan to at some point. I probably could of done something else but I never really draw a lot of Japanese clothes these days so why the heck not?

this is part of the 100 Fire Emblem challenge I’ve been doing slowly.

I wasn’t sure what I was gonna do with this one, till I remembered the support Vaike and Lon’qu have at the end about being partners. I dunno why I went with them bro-fisting, at the same time, why not? I didn’t feel like editing it to much in PS, so I just left some stray marks in there I normally may have cleaned out.

part of the 100 Fire Emblem challenge I’ve been doing slowly. 

Well I was commissioned by someone on deviantart to draw Noel in a panda outfit, wasn’t expecting that but ok. Anyway, I attempted to make it look like we where looking above her from bird’s eye view but I dunno if that worked never actually applied it but I had it practiced so I dunno. 

For general commission info, click this link http://aznswordmaster1.deviantart.com/art/Commission-prices-open-396620464 for detailed info click this one http://aznswordmaster1.deviantart.com/journal/Commissions-5-slots-open-395966156

Well part two of my final art project for my art class, when I asked my watchers on deviantart who I should do, I only got a response from two people and I ended up coin flipping it and Ron was selected from that coin flip. Not as dramatic as the Cosmas one I did but overall still happy with the way it came out, it got rushed somewhat that I had to fix some stuff as I went and I had to liquefy him in PS a little. This is probably the best depiction of Ron I have plus updated his clothes a little too, as to what’s with the cape thing, uhh, that’s for another time. 

Well I guess I can call it done (though I feel like I can do more but not sure what more I can do at this point). I ended up heightening the contrast and such to make it a little more dramatic, I did something I didn’t plan originally but it worked out just fine anyway. So with that I’m gonna be working on the next thing for my class, if anyone has suggestions for this one, I’m all ears.

I forgot to upload this, I did this as a gift exchange for a Fire Emblem group on deviantart. I did Inigo dressed in something nice and used his hair color based on his official art cause everyone probably has different hair for the guy.

I did this for my drawing class and finished this up last night. I based the initial design on Lightning’s Dragoon costume for Lightning’s return, started to tweak the design and such till I got something that I liked. I think the drawing took about 3 or 4 hours to finish, lost track after awhile, bulk of it was mostly the trim and making the tones and such.