This started as a quick warm up I was gonna just do something quick as a warm up but before I knew it I was doing a lot of detail work. So I started painting over the original line I had and decided to go ahead with making it a more finished piece. Man loved Lucina’s design when I first saw her, and I’m having way to much fun playing as her in the new Smash Bros as well. Fire Emblem fans will notice that I also included the mark of the exalt on the eye on our right as well. :D Man she wears a lot of blue and has blue hair it was a little tough to make sure her hair, armor bits, clothes and cape didn’t blend into each other. 

It’s been a long process of working on an off this piece since I think mid May? It’s been interesting working on this cause I was nit picking a lot and not knowing why, turned out a lot of it was cause during the off parts I got better or something clicked and I would redo bases or repaint characters like Dante for example I redrew 3 times and repainted him 2 times? Basically lots of redos and re-tweaking even with some of the characters that I had finished. So you’ll notice there is some slight style inconsistencies just cause it was an on and off process but its finally done. 

Characters on the left going top to bottom.
Saber (Lily variation), Ragna the Bloodedge, Lighting 

Characters on the right going top to bottom
Leon Magnus, Mitsuru Kirijo, Dante

Phew, this warm up took longer to do then I would have liked, I just finished it up after I put it down to start other stuff. May have gone overboard again but that’s pretty normal to do for me at this point. I randomly decided to do Aqua for no real reason, I guess hearing about Kingdom Hearts 2 and Birth By Sleep HD is coming out later this year kinda got me in the mood again. Dunno how long it took, so don’t ask that. 

Random sketch dump from last month, I didn’t scan everything I just picked ones I wanted to share in my sketchbook. Enjoy

So I’ve been wanting to do this for a long time but never got around to it till now and I honestly needed a new Deviantart ID. Tales of the Abyss has been an JRPG game that is really close to my heart the numbers I got actually from Tales of the Abyss save file. The background in the photo is from Blazblue actually so I don’t take credit for it. If anyone knows who to credit the original template to please let me know cause I didn’t have that info on me as I was working on this.

I’ve been a fan of Fairy Tail for awhile so this is my first fan art on Fairy Tail. I decided to do Erza cause I wanted to try working with armor again cause I don’t to often. I made a random design for her sword just out of whim really, and the background I made something random as I was working on the base to paint over. 

This is something I’ve been working for quite sometime now, and mostly the reason why some of my other personal projects have taken a hold or pause. So I’ve seen a lot of other Attack on Titan cross overs or parodies and well though I can do something that people would find interesting. The idea also came from a friend of mine wanted to see a cross over for Legend of Zelda and Attack on Titan. I did it based the Zelda on the all time classic Ocarina of Time. So in the final draft I decided to shrink down all the characters to kind of give a bigger sense of scale and Link was looking a little too big anyway. Finally done with it, felt like forever to finish. 

I do welcome critiques on this so any would be appreciated. 

Work in progress archives.



Pretty happy with the way this came out though now that I look at it again I think her hand is kinda big… I got hyped when I heard she was gonna be a playable character in Persona 4 Arena Ultimax so I did something for that sake. I also didn’t realize how she has that sort of checkered like texture on her clothes so I had to spend some extra time doing that detail as well. I threw a random background in as well didn’t want to leave it blank. 

So I finished this last night, as I said in my work in progress version, taking a break from the game right now. So I tried messing with some stuff like opacity and overlay adjustments over the main painting cause I wanted it to be a little more cooler overall. Not sure if I got her katana the right size, oh well. 

So I did this on whim when I was at a friends house cause he told me to draw Olivia, and as usual, I went a tad overboard. It ended up as a weird lineart painting hybrid thing that even I don’t know what I did. One thing I struggled with was really her clothes, most of the art on her has her not showing her front so I didn’t get a good idea what it looked like so I improvised a little.