Well it was after I finished this piece that there are some stuff off with her anatomy, that’s what happens when you rush things kidos. OTL


So some people got the explanation as to why I did an exposed back with Sayri and such for those that didn’t here’s the short version, needed to practice painting backs, used photo ref of a really toned female that had a lot of muscle groups showing, toned the muscles down cause not everyone likes that and it helped me practice some more stuff, had an earlier piece I scrapped and did this instead. Ok so why Sayri? Well I always found her character in Fire Emblem Awakening a pretty interesting character I dunno if its just cause she was a swordmaster class or nor but something about her was always interesting. So if no one is comfortable with seeing an exposed back like so, I can put a mature content filter up later.

I was gonna upload this before my laptop drank water about a month and a half ago. I was messing with a new idea for inking with a ballpoint pen and cyan colored pencil and this was what got from it. I decided to leave the Cyan in just cause.

So as to why I have Sayri exposing her back, well wanted to try something like that out, and the bottom Lucina pic didn’t come out as well as I hoped, more to come later, gotta find my scanner. 

I tried to get used this new iPad pen I got for using with a painting app I have. Not quite used to some of the limitations it has compared to Photoshop or Sai but it’s not bad to use. 

So why is Lucina a Swordmaster in this? Well that’s the class I have her on right now in my second playthrough. I thought it would be interesting to see how she could/can look as one so that’s why I did that, plus I like Lucina. d:

I am back from the dead ends of the Internet! Will be back to loading art soon!

Some stuff I did awhile back, meant to upload them but got caught up in a commission or two. So I was looking at some of Alvin Lee’s ballpoint pen and copic drawings and inspired by that I tried to see what I can pull off myself. I got, varied results, though the Ragna Mitsuru sketch (top right) was part of something else I had planned but I scrapped that version and got something else I’m working on in between commissions right now. The bottom left Lucina I was a little hesitant to post cause I didn’t like how part of it came out but eh, why the heck not.

Alrighty here’s a more easier to look at version of my commission info, check the journal for additional details and for older samples, feel free to ask me questions as well. 

Here’s the journal link for some more info. aznswordmaster1.deviantart.com…

Previous commission list
arimibn  aznswordmaster1.deviantart.com… and  aznswordmaster1.deviantart.com…

So I’m trying to get in the habit of speed painting on a regular basis, I asked my friend to name a random FFX character and he said Auron so I went with that. It was a tough to start cause I had no idea what I wanted to do with him, got something going after a bit (had to reset my timer a few times cause of that too). So after I finished I accidentally changed one of my layers properties and got something pretty cool out of it and went with it. This was a bit tough to do cause I tried to make Auron look like he was in his mid thirties but I dunno if I pulled that off well, still looks kinda young…  So about little over and hour of work on this. 

Sooo I was working on this before I actually got Lightning Returns so I didn’t quite have all the details, when I did I had to readjust some of it to kinda match at least. I just threw in a random background at the time cause I didn’t have any knowledge on what to expect from the game and just kinda did something really. It took awhile to finish cause other priorities and a slight factor of being demotivated prevented it from being completed, and I think some of the details are still off. I ended up rushing it in the end but if I do something with Lighting again, I probably can do a better job. Oh this her L’ange Noir costume, this one of my personal favorite designs for this game. 

In my first play through Lucina and Cynthia where siblings when I saw the support involving the two panicking about a bug. Not much to really say but it was amusing to draw Cynthia panicking over a bug, kinda reminds me of when I had to kill bugs for my family…

this is part of the 100 Fire Emblem challenge I’ve been doing slowly.

I went with Lucina wearing a yukata in one of the DLC chapters in FEA, I haven’t actually played it yet but I do plan to at some point. I probably could of done something else but I never really draw a lot of Japanese clothes these days so why the heck not?

this is part of the 100 Fire Emblem challenge I’ve been doing slowly.